Junior Reyes Fashion photographer

My name is Junior Reyes and I’m 20 years old. I’m originally from Escondido California and I’m currently living in Layton Utah. My interest in photography began when I was 17 years old working as a professional model. While I was working on set, I couldn’t help but notice my photographers’s undeniable passion that he had for FASHION during one of my particular photo shoots. In that moment, I then realized that I too had a higher PASSION FOR FASHION. This was the start of my photography career. That week, I did some research and purchased my own very first camera. That following week, I independently recruited models, organized and coordinated my own set, and finally directed my very first photo shoot. One reason why I aspire to be a fashion photographer is that FASHION will never die; there are endless ways to express your creativity. Now I’m in an internship with some of the best photographers In Utah whom I hope to gain all the knowledge and experience that I will need
to make it to the next level.